Dienstag, 8. Juni 2010

Your Debt Reducer

Your Debt Reducer
There sat a Gorgeous Black Lamborghini Murcielago !

I decided to take the rest of the day off to figure out what the hell Chris got himself into. I figured he started selling drugs, or doing something illegal.

I don't know how else someone could make so much money in a month and a half.

I asked Chris if he would mind having lunch or coffee so we could talk about his new ventures. Chris agreed, but first he had to drop off his new buddy, Justin, at the airport.

I told him I would follow him to the airport since the Lamborghini is only a two seater :)

As we approached the airport Chris drove past the exit for the main entrance to the terminals. At this point I was a little confused, this was the only major airport near our offices.

Then we drove to a private airport that I thought only small prop planes flew in and out of.

As we pulled up I noticed a JET sitting on the ramp getting prepped by its crew. I thought to myself, no way this has to be a joke or something.

We parked our cars and I went to Chris and said, ok ok, you tricked me, can I go back to the office now.

Chris looked at me and said, Im not joking with you, lets take a look at Justins private jet.

We approached the Jet, I was still waiting for Chris to say he was joking with me. But he didnt, instead the captain and first officer welcomed us aboard the jet.

The pilots stood next to the red carpet as we entered the cabin.

I have never been in a private jet before so I was really excited. The plane looked very comfortable, big leather seats, lots of leg room.... I wish I flew this way.

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